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Inspired by a true story
You cannot find Peace by avoiding life – Virginia Woolf

Living Over The Rainbow is based on true events and brilliantly brought to life through the book and score by Roz Esposito.

Set in modern times, Living Over The Rainbow tells the story of two school classmates whose lives tragically collide. After being shot and killed by his homophobic 14-year old classmate Brian, 15-year old Larry Ross finds himself in The Afterlife desperately trying to make sense out of what just happened guided by three oddball Angels who are assigned to help him find resolution to his life and move on to the next journey of his unfolding. The Angels are of no help offering sincere albeit sketchy clues to Larry and arguing about who can’t keep whose trap shut. Larry is ultimately left to find the answers himself. After a number of false starts, Larry thinks he knows what will set him free; that includes guiding a troubled, closeted, journalist who’s writing a story about his killer, to overcome her guilt and shame about being a lesbian. But it turns out his task is something much more challenging.

Living Over The Rainbow mixes the raw emotions of a teen coming to terms with finding true peace and forgiveness with heartache, laughter and love

Set in gritty and glamorous Victorian London, Creep tells the story of a beautiful young girl who unravels the lies of the people around her and unwittingly discovers the identity of Jack-theRipper. Creep is a great murder mystery with a sweeping score and thrilling turns that will keep audiences guessing until the very end. Dare to delve deeper and Creep reveals truths about the secrets we keep, the damage they do, and the lengths we will go to bury them.

Feature film beginning production Spring 2018 with Mel England and Sally Kirkland.

MARK and LIZ search for love in all the places it’s been hiding. MARK, a computer techno geek living in NY’s hip West Village, is seeing a THERAPIST to try to escape the bond of his relationship with his mother, RHODA.  RHODA is staying with MARK after losing everything when the economy tanked.  The THERAPIST (more of a psychic spiritual healer than doctor) suggests MARK get out more, and sends him to see a show starring LIZ, a free spirited, downtown performance artist with her own set of family issues. MARK ultimately helps LIZ escape the underworld of her father GARY — who just happens to be “the greatest performance artist of the century” according to The Village Voice. MARK and LIZ start to run away together.  With a lot of help from LIZ and his THERAPIST, MARK has to make a decision: to return — or fly away — from the nest of his mother, forcing him to finally face the truth he’s been running from, and maybe, find Love.

Artboard 4glass
Short film production September 2017

What was once the set of the American Dream are days gone by for Frank and his wife Nadine, and have transitioned into a world that Frank no longer recognizes and refuses to accept. Family, career, social status and acceptance to Frank are defined very different in Frank’s mind, compared to reality. Set in Southern California, Frank has dedicated his life to hard work, family and ensuring he receives the respect of his family. From the start at a family dinner sparks fly as Frank clashes with his children, their guest and a bottle of whiskey. The home has the residue of something a lingering emptiness of what was once a loving and safe environment measured by how things are “supposed to be.” However, that sense of yesterday Frank clings to is gone, yet lingers in a memory. Equality, diversity, inclusion and a profound sense of loss begin to shatter Franks world. Hope is shattered and reborn with GLASS.