Short film production September 2017

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Short film production September 2017

What was once the set of the American Dream are days gone by for Frank and his wife Nadine, and have transitioned into a world that Frank no longer recognizes and refuses to accept. Family, career, social status and acceptance to Frank are defined very different in Frank’s mind, compared to reality. Set in Southern California, Frank has dedicated his life to hard work, family and ensuring he receives the respect of his family. From the start at a family dinner sparks fly as Frank clashes with his children, their guest and a bottle of whiskey. The home has the residue of something a lingering emptiness of what was once a loving and safe environment measured by how things are “supposed to be.” However, that sense of yesterday Frank clings to is gone, yet lingers in a memory. Equality, diversity, inclusion and a profound sense of loss begin to shatter Franks world. Hope is shattered and reborn with GLASS.

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